Album: Jaden Smith – Syre (2017)

Album: Jaden Smith – Syre (2017)

New Album: Jaden Smith – Syre (2017)

The minute has arrived. Three years really taking shape, Jaden Smith releases his introduction collection SYRE: A Beautiful Confusion.

The contemplative 17 tracks incorporate appearances from A$AP Rocky (“Breakfast”) and Raury (“Falcon”), in addition to the already discharged “Watch Me” and “Batman.”

Highlighting the calming hints of “Lost Boy,” the trancelike ricochet of “George Jeff,” and the trap-injected “The Passion,” SYRE is intended to feature various sides of his identity.


1. B
2. L
3. U
4. E
5. Breakfast
6. Hope
7. Falcon
8. Ninety
9. Lost Boy
10. Batman
11. Icon
12. Watch Me
13. Fallen
14. The Passion
15. George Jeff
16. Rapper
17. SYRE


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